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LOS ANGELES FEB 19-23, 2016


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Feng Shui Designs, Inc. is now offering an exciting program developed for Feng Shui enthusiasts by James Jay - Certified Feng Shui Stagers!
Feng Shui Staging is a growing niche market in which to use our unique skills. In a slow real estate market, staging can make the difference between a home that sells or one that sits on the market for months. Using Feng Shui techniques we can increase the effectiveness of tried and true staging protocols. Statistics show that staged homes usually sell twice as fast as non staged homes and for more money!
As a Certified Staging Professional and Feng Shui consultant/teacher for the past 16 years, James Jay has personally used the tools taught in this program to successfully help real estate agents and home sellers move properties quickly in any market.
This new program will combine elements of current staging practices along with important Feng Shui techniques. Graduates will become Certified Feng Shui Stagers.

" Your course teaches all aspects of home staging while at the same time "infuses" feng shui techniques and practices to "boost" and "activate" the energy to attract, highlight and sell a home.  The quality of your program as always was top notch. I am better equipped, excited and confident that I can offer Feng Shui Home Staging Services in my community and sell many, many homes!  THANK YOU!"  Jennifer OBrien, St. Petersburg, FL. 2010.

This is a turn-key program which will give you all the tools necessary to break into this lucrative market and create a great source of additional income.
You will:
  • Become a CFSStm-Certified Feng Shui Stager.
  • Learn the proven "must do" techniques to sell a home.
  • Find out about the Feng Shui S.E.C.R.E.T. 6 powerful adjustments that every home needs for a quick sale.
  • Learn the powerful transcendental actions needed to quickly move the qi toward a sale .
  • Gain resources to rent furniture and accessories to use in a vacant home. Earn income while the home is on the market!
  • Learn to re-design a home with existing furnishings.
  • Learn the basics of color, lighting and creating space with proven Feng Shui and staging principles.
  • Learn tools to quickly gain clients through short presentations to real estate agents and home sellers.
  • Use the CFSStm logo with all of your marketing tools.
  • Learn how to set fees for one-time or on-going projects.
  • Learn which contracts to use and how to use them.
  • Review the course at any time at your own convenience.

Have fun and earn more money!

Tuition:  Special Price only $399!

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Feng Shui Designs, Inc.

"Thanks again for providing such a clear, organized, and articulate online course.  I truly enjoyed it!" Carrie Borgen, Avon, Ct. 2010



How it works:

Welcome to our Online E-Campus. You can participate in the entire program at your own pace. Simply visit the campus and click on the modules to start each session. You can also download all of the course notes right there on the website. When you click the registration link you will be taken directly to to sign up and begin the course.

You can log on from anywhere in the world!

If you have any technical questions at all, call our help desk at
800-551-2482. We will be happy to walk you through it.

Warmest regards,

James Jay
Feng Shui Designs, Inc. E-Class division.



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