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CHICAGO APRIL 25-29, 2014

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Why Choose Us?

As with most consumers, you are shopping around for the best value and you want the best education for your money. We at ChinaStudies and Feng Shui Designs understand this and want to let you know why you have come to the right school to get your Feng Shui Training. There are several compelling reasons why you should choose us for your certification.

1. HISTORY/EXPERIENCE: Feng Shui Designs was one of the first established Professional Feng Shui Certification Programs in the United States, founded in 1993 by Helen and James Jay. Since that time, the Jays have successfully trained hundreds of Feng Shui Practitioners from all parts of the world. All of our programs far exceed basic requirements set by the International Feng Shui Guild for Feng Shui Professionals. The Jays have studied and continue to study with some of the most accomplished Feng Shui Masters both in the US and China where they travel twice a year to study and lead Feng Shui Immersion Programs. See bio for more information.

2. CLASS SIZE: We feel that it is extremely important to keep class size to a minimum in order to offer an intimate setting in which each student can receive personal attention. If you have ever been to a course with 50-100 people in a hotel conference room, you know that it is next to impossible to have your individual questions answered, let alone really absorb the material. Our classes are kept to a maximum of 15-18 students.

3. EFFECTIVE HANDS-ON TEACHING: Helen and James Jay use state-of-the-art educational materials, including PowerPoint multimedia presentations, in order to deliver the most effective program possible. Courses are taught as an "intensive" in which you learn Feng Shui knowledge and the fundamentals of setting up a professional practice. With a combination of class room instruction and field work, the Jays can give you detailed guidance on how to create the most effective consultation practice. Our work focuses on residential as well as commercial projects.

4. GRADUATE SERVICES: We offer a variety of programs to help you succeed in your Feng Shui Career:

        1. Referrals: Because we receive hundreds of requests for Feng Shui consultations due to the reputation and international status of our school, we are able to refer graduates to prospective clients. When you become a Feng Shui Designs / ChinaStudies Certified Practitioner, you will be eligible to receive referrals to perform Feng Shui consultations in your area.

        2. Free Listing at All graduates of our educational programs are eligible for a free listing on our popular web site. We receive thousands of hits each day from people seeking Feng Shui information and advice. Prospective clients can click directly through to your web site, if you have one, or be able to telephone or email you directly.

        3. Placement Opportunities: Occasionally, we receive requests from design professionals including architects, interior designers and builders for someone to work directly with them on design and building projects. We are happy to refer our graduates to these professionals.

        4. On-Going Support Network: After certification you may contact us either via email or telephone for help on any project you may have. We are happy to answer any and all questions and give you continued guidance in your practice.

5. TESTIMONIALS: Click here to read what our graduates have to say about our programs.

6. LOCATION: We offer our programs in a variety of locations to make it convenient for students to attend. Our courses are offered throughout North America, Hawaii, Europe and Asia. You can also sponsor a program in your area. Email for details.

7. RESOURCES: All of our graduates are given ample resources to help them create abundance in their professional practice. We supply you with an extensive list of wholesale sources to purchase Feng Shui cures and educational materials. Products can be used for re-sale or your own personal use.

8. ETHICS: We at Feng Shui Designs / ChinaStudies hold as sacred the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our mission is to train the most effective, compassionate and successful Feng Shui Practitioners in the world. Our purpose is to help people - plain and simple. We believe that Feng Shui is a powerful tool to bring change to a person's life. That tool must be used for the highest good of humanity.

9. ON-GOING EDUCATION: After graduation from our program we offer advanced levels of training. We offer in-depth training in business practices, set-up and marketing. We can teach you how to practice Feng Shui, but it's also important to know how to turn that knowledge into a successful practice. We also train Feng Shui Educators to teach and deliver seminars and workshops.  And finally, you can travel with us to the birthplace of Feng Shui - CHINA! Take a mystical adventure with us to the place it all began. Steep yourself in the rich culture and heritage of the Middle Kingdom and show your clients that you have learned at the source and that you have attained the highest level of Feng Shui education possible.

We are proud to announce that we are a Gold Level Recognized School with the International Feng Shui Guild.


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